Monday, October 8, 2012


We put an offer in on a house on Saturday.
It was countered back and we have til 11 today to respond.
I have to "beg" our landlord to let us have a less than 60 day notice or this all goes to hell.
They want to close on or before Nov 30th.
We want to close before Thanksgiving weekend.
I get to drive twenty minutes to get the husbands plates renewed.
They expired in MN a year and a half ago.
He finally got pulled over last week for them.
$115 dollar ticket. Joy.
We have an appointment this afternoon as well with my doctor.
I know she will tells us what to do next since that is the point of this appointment.
I am worried it will be only IVF.
Completely okay, but that puts our lives on hold until we can afford it.
That means many more family events with strange looks and dumb ass questions.
How much longer can I be strong? I already hold back random bouts of tears on my way to work, at work, on lunch, and at home. I feel so defeated and like a failure. The win of getting this house will probably help, but for how long?  

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to survive the holidays .....

While I am not sure how WE will survive the holidays as infertiles....this article offers some tips for all of us to remember not just during the holidays, but all the time!

I found it on

Here it is:

These simple tips will go a long ways in helping infertile couples celebrate the holidays.

As the holidays gain momentum, festivities with family and friends take up a large part of the season. But for many couples, this joyous time is dampened by infertility. As family gatherings and children-centered activities ensue, infertile couples can struggle with the pain of not having their own family yet, especially when a friend or family member casually drops the question, “When are you going to have kids?”

One in six couples experiences infertility. This adds up to a lot of silent sufferers during the holiday season. The Servy Massey Fertility Institute offers these helpful tips for infertile couples and their loved ones during the holidays.

5 Holiday Tips for Infertile Couples:

1. Be selective in holiday celebration attendance. If a get-together centers around families with babies and young children, consider whether or not this will be painful for you. If it is, don’t feel guilty about skipping it this year.

2. Share the holidays with other couples who don’t have kids. Make room in your holiday event schedule to include time with other people who don’t have children to keep your festivities from feeling overwhelming.

3. Decide ahead of time what to do if you’re asked about having children. Be on the same page with your partner when it comes to talking about your infertility. Be prepared with an answer if someone inquires about building your family, and remember, it’s up to you whether or not to discuss your struggle.

4. Decide whether or not to hold others’ babies. Well-meaning relatives or friends may want to share in the joy of a new family member, as do you, but remember to listen to your needs first. Holding a baby can bring hope to some infertile couples and incredible pain to others. Consider how you may feel in the situation.

5. Approach the holidays in a new way. You and your partner may decide to get out of town or take a romantic vacation and skip the family gatherings this year. Don’t be afraid to start a new tradition to help make the holidays happy and carefree as possible.

5 Etiquette Tips for Friends & Family of Infertile Couples:

1. Don’t tell the couple, “Relax, it will happen.” This is rule no. 1 when talking to couples struggling to get pregnant. Doctors consider couples that have tried to conceive for more than a year unsuccessfully as infertile. While stress can contribute to infertility, the human reproductive system is complex and affected by a number of biological and physical factors.

2. Don’t minimize the problem. Coping with infertility is a difficult and painful experience. Avoid trying to diminish the problem by complaining about the hassles of pregnancy or parenting. Infertile couples actually hope for the day they can worry about their own children.

3. Don't offer advice to “fix” the situation. Whether it’s exercise, food or lifestyle change ideas, the couple’s fertility specialist has probably already covered these topics and provided insight. Couples coping with infertility often blame themselves and struggle with this issue, so there’s no need to highlight the problem.

4. Don’t push for adoption. Each couple has their own approach to family building and knows what their options are. This is a personal, emotionally charged topic that they may have considered or struggled with, and is simply not appropriate to discuss at a holiday event.

5. Be encouraging and supportive. Showing you care can mean a lot to a couple struggling with infertility. Spend time together. Plan activities that don’t focus solely on children, and enjoy being together.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Just got the results from my day 21 progesterone lab. She said 2.0. They like to see 10 or higher. How is it possible for everything else to come back looking good and for this last test to be so bad? I didn't ovulate. So no baby. Now what? I have to make another appointment for after J sees the doctor on 10/2. She wants to discuss our options but wants to see what his doctor says first. Open window, let the dreams fall off the ledge causing them to be crushed at the bottom.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation Blues....

Don't read too much into the title...we had a GREAT time on vacation. I suppressed (there it is again....) most of the blues until we got back from vacation so that we would just be able to enjoy our time off, away from work and real life, with our families. It felt good to do that, until Monday afternoon that is. But then I was magically able to shrug off the phone call and continue on with enjoying what was going on in the moment instead of what I had no control over. How am I able to suppress all those feelings you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA.
Back to Monday of last week. The doc called with the results of my appointment and the hubbs test. She said my US images came back and she didn't see any blockages or cysts so that was a plus. While I am very happy about this, it still means we don't know much. She said she is still leaning towards the PCOS diagnosis with everything else I told her, but without the cyst section of it so I should be happy about that. We are still going to go ahead with the "challenge" and blood work for this next cycle and that should tell her more once she knows my different levels of FSH and testosterone and whatever else she is testing on me....a whole list of things. So now we must wait for day 3 to arrive so I can be poked and prodded and then again on day 10 and I think day 21 as well....
While I am happy to have some news, I again can admit that it isn't enough for me. I want all the answers right away (must be my generation....)
We also found out the results for the hubbs. Doc said the results came back abnormal but didn't have much else to tell me. She wants him to see a urologist.....lovely. It would make me feel 100% better if the hubbs didn't have to bear this problem like I do. He was worried and now with this from the doc, he is probably even more worried that it is all his fault. I just hope he sees that it isn't. My faith tank for this matter is going on empty. Prayers welcome.

Wanding away

During my lunch a couple weeks ago I went to the Dr for my sonogram. It was a quick 30 minute appointment. I got there, the waiting room had 3 "ready to pop" pregnant ladies and then one old/er lady. It was joyous not fun to be in the waiting room (to find out whether or not my insides might look alright enough for a potential baby) with all those pregnant women. I was on edge to begin with since I didn't know really what to expect. I was alone, hubby had to work. And I was sitting in a room full of freaken fertile women.

The appointment, to say the least, was horrifying. I didn't expect to really care I guess. I just figured I would go in, be "photographed" and leave. Well that is what happened, BUT.

BUT, my sonographer - lab tech lady - didn't talk to me at all the entire time.

Silence and viewing the inside of my body not having a clue as to what she was looking at was a bit un-nerving. The ultra sound (outside viewing) of my belly made me ubber-sad. I don't even know how to fully explain what I was seeing. It was just empty. Completely empty. Definitely a worse feeling than the pregnancy tests that scream NOT pregnant. Then she moved on to the sonogram part of inside (i.e. wand inside lady parts). This was weird too. She took pictures and measurements and I had no idea what I was seeing. Yes, I could have asked. Yes, I should have asked. But the lump in my throat prevented me from doing that. I hope - PRAY - that I never have to do that part again, but I know that I shouldn't cross it off my list of unpleasant experiences just yet. Who knows what else will come my way with this process.

Needless to say, the appointment ended. I got into my car and fell apart. Then cleaned myself up and went back to work. I definitely would have rather had the appointment on the Thursday after work like planned as I DID NOT feel like dealing with people for the next 4 hours. I sucked it up and repressed my feelings until I got home. Boy I'm getting good at repressing things....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Appointment chaos

Last Tuesday I had my annual pap appointment. All is clear on that end (well in two weeks it should come back just fine the doc said). I also met with the actual doctor instead of the nurse practitioner. When speaking with her I found out that she too has baby making issues. She had to take metformin for her first child and then clomid for her second. This honestly made me feel almot 100% better at the time knowing I would have a doctor who understood some of my issues first hand. She said that if we do continue on the clomid route and after 3 cycles nothing has happened that she will refer me to a RE (reproductive endocologist). ANYHOW....At the appointment she decided that we need to first do a sonogram. The sonogram was scheduled for yesterday. I went. More on that later.
The doc also mentioned metformin, but we are holding off for this cycle so we can do a "clomid challenge". Basically on day 3 of my period I will get some labs done and then twice more I will get other labs done all while taking clomid. Right now I am in the middle of a cycle, so once I get my period again, that is when this challenge begins. She is hoping the clomid and tests will tell her something about how I am ovulating and what not. She brought up PCOS since my periods are so bizarre still. When I asked her if it takes a while to show up, she said my birth control was possibly masking it. The labs in the next cycle will tell her more. So I may or may not go on metformin, maybe the next cycle. Who knows. The metformin would regulate my cycles more. The clomid would cause me to "super ovulate" hopefully. She said that with my strange cycles and strange ovulation dates during my cycles (as early as day 10 to as late as day 21) could possibly mean I'm not fully ovulating even though the pee tests tell me I am.
All this could also go out the window after my sonogram of my insides if there is anything wrong visibly or depending on what the hubb's test comes back as. Hopefully both of those come back clear and we can get started on the "challenge" and lab tests to find out what is going on with me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How am I doing?

In June, my sister had her baby. We went home and made it just a couple hours after she was born. She is adorable. But yet, she is another baby in my life. Another reminder that we do not have a baby in our lives.

Our anniversary is next Tuesday. That makes it two years since we started our family and almost two years that we started trying to expand our family. My cycles are sort of normalish....getting more the 43 days on average instead of 60, but still not as short as I would like them. I am still showing a LH surge each cycle, so that is a plus, but I don't know if the egg is even dropping since I have not had my tubs checked. August 7th I will have my annual pap and I requested a longer appointment and made it with a MD instead of a nurse. Hopefully we can get something figured out.

The hubbs wants to be tested (which I will request in August). He is worried it is him. Breaks my heart to hear him say that. Makes me remember I am not in this alone. Thank God I have my best friend here next to me for support. At first I think he was stuck on the "it'll happen" track. I have always had this weird feeling something was off so while I would hope and hope each cycle, deep down I knew these tests would say - or not pregnant. By the way, don't buy those unless confirming a positive test...they hurt more. It was a little annoying to have him on a different track than me before, but now I wish he was still on it. Must be love I guess.

How am I? I am still here. I am still faithful. I am slowly losing very slowly. I am still keeping calm (as much as I can). I am still baby dancing hoping for a good result. I am a year older. I am a year further into our marriage.I am still not pregnant.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Drunken Cheerleaders

I joined the group on facebook for the book "Every drunken cheerleader: why not me?" a while back. The other day a co-worker was facebook stalking my profile and saw I was a member of this group. The next day she came into work and told me she thought it was a funny group to join. "What a great name for it! And isn't it true that high schoolers seem to get pregnant so easily? That's how I was too, just not in high school." REALLY! She sort of knows what we're going through in the fact that we've been trying for almost 2 years now. How completely insensitive! She needs to read that book and maybe get slapped in the face.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gold Star

I realize that I posted to be reminded to post the following day, but it is now June 14th (HAPPY FLAG DAY!!) and I am just posting now about the conversation the hubs and I had. Gold star for promptness huh? NOT. With the insurance coverage still being up in the air, it is worded funny and my husband's company pays the first part of the deductible so we are unsure if we would still need that $500 up front or not, we are waiting. My annual appointment is due in July. We will go to this appointment together and see what is next for us. Until then we are just trying as always not to stress about it. Trying is the key word. AF came April 18th and has not come since. I have tested 3 different times, the last time was yesterday and still not pg. Not sure why I am back to the long gap, but hopefully my body gets with the program soon.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012


Who wishes people a happy mother's day? I can see if you are with kids...but it isn't like Merry Christmas or Happy St. Patricks day! I work at a bank and have been wished this crap by so many people today! It's like getting smacked with a stick in the face while walking through the woods. Your already on edge because your in the woods and you know that the woods has some things your uncomfortable with coming up and BAM you get smacked in the face with a stick because you were too busy trying to avoid things like stores, commericals, and even TV shows in general that bring up Mother's Day. (Yes I realized I switched from walking in the woods to mother's day...but you get it!) it Monday yet?

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Sometimes I really wish I didn't have a job. Like right now for instance. It's been almost two weeks since AF visited which means that I should be ovulating soon. No smile in the opening yet, but I feel like it will be there eventually this week. The hubbs is in Mexico this week for training for work. Rough huh? No job would be I could go with, but I guess then we also wouldn't have a place to live either! I wish I had more PTO available....another month down the drain I guess. Oh and did I mention that the doctor wants $500 up front before an appointment is made? Lovely. Insurance company to be called on Monday. Hopefully they cover infertility testing.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Sister-in-law called last night. She's 12 weeks pregnant. Yes it's the same one who miscarried in January. That's all.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My NOT so wonderful flight home from our WONDERFUL trip to Las Vegas....

Got up to the airport in plenty of time to catch our returning flight home after a nice week (except the last two days when AF showed up) not thinking about work or not making babies. We get close to our gate and i notice a lady pushing a stroller with a 2 year old in it and also about 7 months pregnant. Yep, she's lucky enough for this to happen to her....she proceeds to be on our flight, right in the row across the isle (did i mention AF came 2 days ago?). She proceeds to scream/scold her child about sitting down and to stop moving so much....we weren't flying yet! Pre-coach your kid....bring something (other than the ipad that is suppose to be off) to entertain him....yelling at him makes it worse for both of you! Basically, she was the poster child for the mom you'd never want to be and or have as your own. Did i mention it was a 2.5 hour flight? Lovely. The best part was her shirt:

"I make babies....what's your superpower?"

What a heartless, horrible shirt.
P.S. AF is done now and I will have to call the doc tomorrow to get us in.

Monday, April 2, 2012


I've never been good at having patience with my personal life. I've worked with people with disabilities for years and some how manage to be so patient with them and prior to that I would baby sit all amounts of kids and was able to be patient with them too! Now my patience is being tried in this final 2 weeks. When do I make my appointment? Do I wait until AF comes in 2 weeks and chance having to wait a while before getting in, or should I call now? I will prob. just wait because one thing I am good at is procrastination. No patience, yet I procrastinate....does that make sense? I think not. Dang two weeks!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The last day one of the rest of my life.....

So this morning I found out that today is the last day one of the rest of my life. That's right, AF showed up which means this is the last cycle before I call the doc. Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Journey into darkness

This post is complied of many other unpublished posts from my other blog. They are part of a process we are going through and at the point I wanted to document it, but was not ready to share it as I could just be over reacting - that doesn't usually happen (insert sarcasm here....) I am also aware how heartless my last post at the bottom of this sounds as my SIL has now miscarried. I want to be honest with myself and with whomever is reading this about how I was feeling at the time of these mini-posts, so I am leaving it.

AF came to visit tonight, again.  It is #3 of the last 5 months. That being said, I stopped using birth control and it has taken a while to get back on track. These last 5 months have been unprotected and unproductive as well apparently. Each time I have gotten AF in the last 5 months I have been sad. I cry and mourn the idea of not being PG. I long for a child growing inside of me. I can't find the words to express the ache, pain, and sadness I feel when I think about being PG and now AF has come this month, not being PG. It is hard to describe until you experience it yourself. I am completely ready to feel someone growing inside of me for 10 months and to watch them grow for 60 years. I hope that one day soon I won't have to imagine it anymore.

So, turns out AF did not come to visit like I thought in my last unpublished post. Just spotting after BD (big deed). I know, not really something you wanted to know, but I am unsure why it happened.
Other fun facts: as I mentioned before, I have been off the pill since July. I do not have "regular periods" yet and if they happen decide to be "regular" this month, I should be getting it sometime in the next week. If not and it decides to follow it's strange pattern, my app on my phone says that I won't get it until the end of March. FAR too long to wait and wonder. I hate this. I am thinking of making just a regular PAP appointment as I have not had one in about 1.5 years.

A girlfriend of mine told me the other day something her husband learned in his current Sociology class. He said that his book talks about a study or something that says that regular sex at least weekly sex promotes regularity, fertility, and general health long term. I guess we'll just have to keep following that to get these cycles regular! =)

While I was on the pill, I felt gross, unattractive, a bit depressed and just blah all the time. I rarely wanted to go anywhere, do anything or even be intimate with my husband. I went off the pill that I was on about 5 months ago. Let's just say (in not so many words) that I am feeling MUCH better. This is the first month that I have felt happier, more attractive (depending on the day of course) less depressed like, wanting to go out (this might have to do with the fact that I never do I just want to get out) and actually want to be intimate with my husband. NOT THAT I DIDN'T WANT TO BEFORE, but now is different. Very different. I am happy to say that my pill is getting out of my system finally and I hope the rest of my body works just as well! Oh! And I won't be going back on that brand of pill ever again.

A girl could hope that after a month...but nope. BFN

Still nothing. No period and I can't imagine that if I retested it would be a BFP. That wouldn't change in 3 days. We'll see. I knows what my cycle is doing right now so they probably aren't correct) and also when I should be gettingdownloaded an app on my phone and entered my 3 periods since going off the pill. The app then tells me my ovulation dates (which I try not to pay attention to since who  AF again. According to the app...end of March. BOY that's a long time, but I figure if April rolls around and no AF, I will test again and if BFN, I will make my appointment with the doctor. I am not concerned about IF yet, as it is only 5 months and I was on BC for 6 years, but I want to make sure everything else is okay since my AF isn't "regular". We will it April yet? 

Looks like the test was correct. I started spotting two days ago and now have a full on flow. LOVELY. Next month I guess....A bit discouraged....I have this yearning inside of me to have a child, to be pregnant, and to have a little human to take care of. We are ready and waiting.  Next month I am going to continue to use my app on my cell phone (as my average cycle is still 59 days) to calculate my ovulation - if it is even correct. Every ovulation calculator online only goes to 42 days, so thankfully this app allows me to just put in the starts of my periods and then calculates the dates itself and changes depending on what days I put in it for start dates of periods. If we get pregnant this upcoming month, bug would share a birthday month with K (our nephew). That would be fun and do-able as I wouldn't be huge-o preggers during the summer. Here's to the next 59 days....

So I have been very tired lately...the last week or so. I also have been peeing tremendously. I am not supposed to get my period until the 15th of this month, but had decided that this whole tired thing/peeing was abnormal enough to have faith in the whole "6 days" thing....I know, more than 6 days, but if my ovulation date of the 18th was correct, I should be able to test this early. BFN.
Later today, cramps like crazy while at work. No AF yet, but I am betting it will be here soon. Doctors appointment was a must now, made for June 14th at 1:15pm. Maybe if we are lucky it will turn into a blood test appointment instead of a pap. Here's to the next month waiting for that doc appointment to be here so maybe we can have some answers as to why my flow isn't regular yet! Rough day.

So...big day was supposed to be the 15th, and NOTHING. No period, no positive pee test, nothing. I wish I knew what was going on so I could fix it.

Turns out when you make an appointment, it helps if you don't also schedule yourself to work that day. Missed the June 14th appointment, but was able to reschedule for next Wednesday, July 6th. I also got my period on May 29th, so definitely not preggers from that two month span. I've been having strange cramps randomly, so I intend to mention that to the doc as well when I go. Hopefully the pap is normal (I've never had an abnormal one thus far), but with my period only coming every 2 months, it makes me nervous that something is going on. I made the mistake of googling my issues again. Long cycles, cramps, bloating, weight gain...not a fun find, so I am trying to ignore it unless it's the case and I will bring that up as well when I go to the doctor. July 6th needs to come quick so I can be assured that we are just fine and that if there is something wrong, we can get to fixing it!

Started peeing on sticks again yesterday. So far, no smiley faces. Let me explain. I am still not having a regular cycle. I am still not pregnant. I was told that I have to wait until after Christmas to go back to the doctor, per the doctor (that reminds me...I should probably make that appointment now). I would rather go back now and find out what is wrong, if anything is wrong. I don't wish for something to be wrong, but it at least would explain things. Maybe more sex will help. That's the goal this month, hopefully it works out. BACK to the ovulation thing. I bought a pack of ovulation tests a while back. Used them and it took me 14 days to ovulate. So I guess normal...but then it should be 2 weeks and period, was more like 3.5 weeks and then period. Got my hopes up again for nothing! But at least I got a smiley face. That means my body at least does drop an egg each month...what a waste! Hopefully the smiley face will happen when the husband is home though since he is gone til Sunday hunting. We'll see! Maybe by Christmas I'll have some good news or at least a positive reason to head to the doctor. Prayers and faith is what I am needing but also strangely lacking at the same time.

Last year at this time is when I started blogging (not that any of you have a clue that I am doing this at this point....) about my issues with fertility. This past year has been ridiculous. As I sit here at work, waiting for customers to come and for it to be 4pm, I know this isn't the place to even begin thinking about my fertility. When it is quiet like this and the radio is on, I find that each song has something to do with life and how I want it to be, even though I know it isn't up to me. granted, maybe I should change the station from country music and I would feel better, but I digress. I don't even want to go back and read what I have already told you, so I am going to probably repeat myself here. Either just before or maybe just after Christmas, I called the nurse to make an appointment to come in. She asked a few questions and she told me that I should continue to use the pee-sticks for 3 more cycles and then call again if I am not pregnant. Apparently since the pee-stick shows a smile, that means I am at least ovulating. That is a key thing I guess.  Currently I am in the middle of our 2nd round since I called the doc. No ovulation yet, but maybe it will work this time.
On top of this - stop reading if you don't want to be offended - my sister, my sister-in-law, a few friends, and a few cousins have announced their pregnancies. Yippee...I know it isn't their fault that we aren't pregnant yet and I shouldn't expect my sisters to put their lives on hold for me, but it still hurts. It seems so incredibly easy for each of them to get pregnant. We joked about that for both with their first ones, because at that point it was funny and J and I weren't ready. Right now it just sucks. I mourn the loss of each possibility each time I get my period and then get reminded that they have nothing to mourn and I pity myself once again. I guess it is good not to hold it all in, right? Isn't that what people tell you when you are angry with someone? Well I am not angry...just sad. I assume they know, so I don't tell them. I don't really want people's pity or advice. I mean honestly....what you have to say, I have heard/read somewhere and don't really want to hear it again. Just know, we aren't pregnant and yes we are trying and it isn't as easy at it back off. Yikes, that was slightly harsh and I am only going to leave it for one reason - to show myself how awfully bitter I sound. BUT in reality, I know that this process might take forever and might not happen at all. At this point, I am not okay with that. I am annoyed and angry that we aren't pregnant yet. I yearn for a child of my own and have wanted to be a mother since I was a child myself. I always knew that I would grow up, get married, and have many many babies. Currently I have grown up, gotten married, and moved to Iowa. NOT exactly what I had in mind. Praying helps. I think I just need to let go of the reins on this one and trust that it will happen or not, when He wants it to happen, or not. I will continue on with this whole peeing on sticks thing for the next 2 cycles. I will make that terrifying appointment for the doctor's office and make sure to make my husband come with me for support. After all, it takes two to tango.


This is how I have felt for the last almost 2 years. Like a huge struggler...usually failure too, but mostly just that we are struggling through this process. I don't want to believe that anything can be wrong, so most of the time I just blame it on struggling. The struggling began when I went off of birth control. I thought we got pregnant right away. Honestly, about 2 months went by and I had not had my period. I wasn't having pregnancy symptoms, but without a period for 2 months that had to be it, right? Wrong. I took like 3 at home tests three different times and all were negative. I even went so far as to get a blood test right before Christmas. It came back negative, obviously. I chalked up the abnormally LONG periods to getting off the birth control after 6 years of being on various kinds. My periods continued to come every other month, about 50-60 days apart, making my "two week wait", much longer. We moved 8 hours south from our "college home" and about 5 hours south of our families. My husband got a new job and I began my hunt (after unpacking our lives) for a new job as well. My best friend announced she was pregnant right after we moved. I was thrilled for her and ached for myself to be pregnant as well (we always said we would do it together). It was this point that I made sure we practiced at least 4 times a week. I wasn't thinking anything about infertility at this point, I was just frustrated that we hadn't timed it right yet. We did this until July when I finally made an appointment with my OB and got a regular check up and discussed my still LONG cycles. She thought it might be the type of BC I was on - the brand tends to cause the body to take longer to get regulated afterwards (never using that again!) I was told to call her by Christmas if nothing had happened (ie regular periods or being pregnant).

We started using ovulation tests in September. I was sick of wondering if that was even the issue so I figured that if there was no "smiley" face on the tests during my cycles, then it meant I wasn't ovulating. Thank God I got a smiley face. Without this, I'm sure I would've lost it. Each step to trying terrifies me. The beginning trying, the doctor's appointment, the ovulation tests each month, the negative pg tests each month, and soon the doctor's appointment to get tests done I am sure. We've used the ovulation tests each cycle since September. Twice the husband was out of town, but I continued to pee just to make sure the ovulating was happening and that I wouldn't have to bother with wondering. I called at after Christmas per the nurses suggestion. She told me she was happy that I was ovulating (gee thanks random stranger) and that she wanted us to continue using the test for 3 more cycles. Needless to say...I waiting for cycle 3 to begin, I have lost the faith of a positive pregnancy test and am eager for the 3 cycles to be done so we can move on to the next step. I am also going broke from buying ovulation tests that don't work - well they work, but I'm not pregnant therefore causing me to buy MORE ovulation tests that will continue to work/not work. OH did I mention my sister is pg with #2? And my SIL was, but miscarried? And everyone and their mother is pg as well? That's another post for another day. I am exhausted thinking about my emotions with this. Why can't it just happen already?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Other people's children

I am going to start this off by telling all of you that just because I don't have kids, doesn't mean I don't have an opinion on how I am going to raise mine. I also know that it is different once you have the kids, but I know that my husband and myself have enough self-control to continue to try to parent the way we want to without letting our children walk all over us. With that said...some people's parents! I have spent enough time around children/babies to know a few things and tricks...but I am still amazed at those mom's who really wanted to be mom's, that don't know a trick or two about certain crabby behavior! I am pretty sure I would try everything in the book, maybe google some things, or even break down and call my mom to ask for advice if something was going on with my child and I couldn't figure out what it was! I certainly wouldn't let my husband out of baby duty just because the problem can't be solved....crying babies = mommas who need a breather!

The starting point

Hello. My name is Kristen. I know I am only 25 years old and that I am too young for a baby. I know that I have so many years to have a family, what's my rush. I don't have a rush. I am ready for a baby. We are ready to start a family. I know I just got married over a year ago and we should take some time to enjoy each other before we start a family. I know this. I don't care. We have been together for 6 years, we have enjoyed each other for 6 years. I am 25, if I had been ready to have support a baby at 18, I may have had one then! My husband and I chose to wait for a few things to happen. We wanted to be done with college - check. We wanted to have full-time jobs - check. We wanted to be married - check. Rewind to July 24th, 2010 at about 5pm...married and off birth control...trying begins tonight! : ) After all, it was the wedding night, what a perfect day to make a baby! Fast forward to Christmas - same thought, what a perfect time to make a forward a year and a half...still no baby. I think we have "waited" long enough. Later you'll get the TMI post about the month after month crap I've been waiting through. Right now, you just need to know that we are relaxed (well we were), we've taken vacations, we've tried every other night, we've tried pee tests, and we are patient most of the time, but being patient most of the time just isn't cutting it. We are sick of waiting, sick of every two week wait, sick of whoops pregnant mommas and second mommas and teenage drama mommas. Right now we are in the wanna-be club and after one more round of peeing on sticks every day, we will be venturing into the scariness of going back to the doctor after almost 2 years of trying to find out whether or not we should give up or keep trekking on the wanna-be momma track. Wish us luck.