Monday, October 8, 2012


We put an offer in on a house on Saturday.
It was countered back and we have til 11 today to respond.
I have to "beg" our landlord to let us have a less than 60 day notice or this all goes to hell.
They want to close on or before Nov 30th.
We want to close before Thanksgiving weekend.
I get to drive twenty minutes to get the husbands plates renewed.
They expired in MN a year and a half ago.
He finally got pulled over last week for them.
$115 dollar ticket. Joy.
We have an appointment this afternoon as well with my doctor.
I know she will tells us what to do next since that is the point of this appointment.
I am worried it will be only IVF.
Completely okay, but that puts our lives on hold until we can afford it.
That means many more family events with strange looks and dumb ass questions.
How much longer can I be strong? I already hold back random bouts of tears on my way to work, at work, on lunch, and at home. I feel so defeated and like a failure. The win of getting this house will probably help, but for how long?  

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