Sunday, June 30, 2013


Fear. Anxiety. Worry. Scared. Torn. Nervous. Impatience. Pain. Hope. Faith. Restless. Sadness. Happiness. Afraid. Uncertainty. Loss of control.

The hurry up and wait game just might kill us. I wish there was a way I could remove myself from all these emotions. I don't do well with them. I can't control them properly and I let them appear whenever they see fit. I use to be better at hiding them but for some reason I just want to scream them out when they appear.  Loss of control is the worst. I wish I could just turn my mind off with this whole process. Hurry up and wait has never worked for me. I am impatient and I want instant answers and results when I deal with things and in this situation, I have NO control. One more week and we'll have our first questions answered. I can do this. We can do this.