Thursday, January 8, 2015

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A letter to a friend

Dear Sioux City,

Hello. This has been a long time coming and we always knew that it would happen someday. Our relationship started off a bit rough, driving down in an icy storm, a broken toe, and a 10 inch snow storm all within the firat few days. At that point I never would have imagined that when I wrote you this goodbye letter, that there would be tears in my eyes and a crack in my heart.

You've been here for us for so many moments in our lives in such a short time that it is a bit hard to believe I haven't loved you forever.

Over the last three and a half years you have watched as we've made new forever friends, started new jobs, bought our first house, conquered our infertility journey with a successful IVF baby boy, bought a 'family friendly' car, and found out our lives would change once more. I have to admit, I never dreamed I would be sad to leave you and all the love you've given us.

Be good to those we leave behind and to yourself old gal. It's been fun. We'll never forget you!

Love, The Wellers

Friday, March 28, 2014

We're still here......just a bit more tired

As you may have noticed, I took a bit of a hiatus on blogging about our pregnancy and life in general.  Well I am back and a proud mama of a 6 month old boy named Jackson. 

Why did I stop blogging you say? I was a bit torn whether to post or not and if you know me IRL, you've got me on Facebook and have seen a bit more since my 10 wk appointment. 

At my 10wk appointment we found out that I had a complete previa. (Placenta laying over cervix) We were told that we shouldn't worry because almost all previas move out of the way as your belly and baby grow. Well that darn thing put us into a high risk category for pregnancy. Placenta previas cause the mother to be at high risk for bleeding during pregnancy,  during birth and can cause life threatening issues for the mama and the baby.  ( mayo clinic has some better information )

We had special ultra sounds once a month measuring the babe and watching that darn placenta become his pillow at the"bottom" if my uterus.  It didn't move. It stayed over Jackson's exit route so we had to plan a little detour :) we'll get more into that when I finally document his birth story! :)

I guess the biggest reason I didn't blog my pregnancy is because I had this"hold your breath" kind of feeling the entire time I was pregnant.  Instead of fully enjoying my pregnancy and dreaming of what this little guy inside of me would look like and be like,  I held back. Don't get me wrong,  there were plenty of times that I would sit and wonder but I also felt that if I didn't plan or dream as much as one "should" during pregnancy that if something happened, it would be eaiser to deal with if I didn't let myself become attached to what we had tried so hard for that was finally happening. 

So there ya go, now you know why I stopped!  And since that amazing day in February,  yes February but more on that later, life has just taken over!  A 6 month old.....I still can't believe it myself!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

10 week belly photo

I'm slowly but surely getting a little bigger. It's exciting. I am also getting a little better taking pictures of myself. Maybe I'll have J take the rest of them. Might be easier. Still feeling good. Tires and hungry all the time. Almost into the second trimester. ...2 weeks I know but these past 10 have flown by as well. Once I am not so tired I will give you better updates on myself and baby W

Baby W - 10 weeks

Here is baby W in all "his" glory. Measuring in at 3.6 centimeters and 10w4d. Perfect :) Daddy W insists it's a boy. ... only 10 weeks and well know for sure!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby or Hunchbacked Gummy Bear?

This is our newsest picture of Baby Weller. We found out Monday that there is only 1 baby inside and #2 blastocyst didn't attach. We had a bit of a scare on Friday afternoon though. I was bleeding pretty good, but only for a bit and the doc told me to go home and rest...then the bleeding stopped. So that was good. We anxiously waited for our ultra sound on Monday to make sure we were still pregnant. Thankfully we found out that #1 was beautifully growing with a HR at 161 and sadly found out that #2 didn't attach or continue to grow. Surely the bleeding was caused by #2 leaving althought I didn't have any clots or anything so who knows honestly. Our next appointment is September 4th down in Omaha this time with the RE. Apparently #1's sack is a bit small and the baby is just fine. Not really sure what that means or how we fix that but she wants to see me for herself instead of just reading the summary from the clinic up here. It will be nice to see her though since we haven't seen her since the restocking of the fish tank...that seems so long ago!! BUT there ya go, that's your update!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


And we've got one jellybean for sure!  Right now it's all sort of a blur. Out doesn't seem to real yet and I am sure that will change soon but for now I just take my vitamins and get my progesterone shots every other day now and wait for our next appointment. Jb1 is measuring at 5w3d which is probably why we couldn't really see jb2's heart beat. There is a yoke in the sack so that's a start.  Next ultra sound on the 19th so we'll know for sure if we have 1 or 2 I's all just like a big blur! Jb1 is the white dot at the bottom left side of the ring.