Thursday, March 7, 2013

RE Adventures

On Tuesday the hubbs and I went to Omaha for our first appointment with the RE. Lots of information "throw up" at us (as she would like to say). We really liked her and her approach to things and are happy with our decision to go to her. I was a bit nervous with this because it took us 3 months to get in to see her and if we didn't like her, we risked the chance of having to wait another 3 or more months to get in with someone different. Needless to say the only waiting we are doing now is for my next cycle starts. The RE would like to check for polyps and such inside my uterus and also another SA for the hubbs. After this point though I am assuming we will jump feet first into either IUI or IVF on my following cycle. Maybe by the end of May I will be changing my wanna-be status!

Monday, March 4, 2013


The last few months I have been feeling rather numb to my life. I get up, go to work, occasionally go to the gym and then it's home to make dinner and lounge around. Other people continue on with their lives and I continue to just feel numb to my surroundings.  Not sure how healthy it really is, but it's how it is right now. I don't know what I am doing. I don't have a purpose. Well I don't feel like I have a purpose.  Does this happen to anyone else?