Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Appointment chaos

Last Tuesday I had my annual pap appointment. All is clear on that end (well in two weeks it should come back just fine the doc said). I also met with the actual doctor instead of the nurse practitioner. When speaking with her I found out that she too has baby making issues. She had to take metformin for her first child and then clomid for her second. This honestly made me feel almot 100% better at the time knowing I would have a doctor who understood some of my issues first hand. She said that if we do continue on the clomid route and after 3 cycles nothing has happened that she will refer me to a RE (reproductive endocologist). ANYHOW....At the appointment she decided that we need to first do a sonogram. The sonogram was scheduled for yesterday. I went. More on that later.
The doc also mentioned metformin, but we are holding off for this cycle so we can do a "clomid challenge". Basically on day 3 of my period I will get some labs done and then twice more I will get other labs done all while taking clomid. Right now I am in the middle of a cycle, so once I get my period again, that is when this challenge begins. She is hoping the clomid and tests will tell her something about how I am ovulating and what not. She brought up PCOS since my periods are so bizarre still. When I asked her if it takes a while to show up, she said my birth control was possibly masking it. The labs in the next cycle will tell her more. So I may or may not go on metformin, maybe the next cycle. Who knows. The metformin would regulate my cycles more. The clomid would cause me to "super ovulate" hopefully. She said that with my strange cycles and strange ovulation dates during my cycles (as early as day 10 to as late as day 21) could possibly mean I'm not fully ovulating even though the pee tests tell me I am.
All this could also go out the window after my sonogram of my insides if there is anything wrong visibly or depending on what the hubb's test comes back as. Hopefully both of those come back clear and we can get started on the "challenge" and lab tests to find out what is going on with me.

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