Friday, March 28, 2014

We're still here......just a bit more tired

As you may have noticed, I took a bit of a hiatus on blogging about our pregnancy and life in general.  Well I am back and a proud mama of a 6 month old boy named Jackson. 

Why did I stop blogging you say? I was a bit torn whether to post or not and if you know me IRL, you've got me on Facebook and have seen a bit more since my 10 wk appointment. 

At my 10wk appointment we found out that I had a complete previa. (Placenta laying over cervix) We were told that we shouldn't worry because almost all previas move out of the way as your belly and baby grow. Well that darn thing put us into a high risk category for pregnancy. Placenta previas cause the mother to be at high risk for bleeding during pregnancy,  during birth and can cause life threatening issues for the mama and the baby.  ( mayo clinic has some better information )

We had special ultra sounds once a month measuring the babe and watching that darn placenta become his pillow at the"bottom" if my uterus.  It didn't move. It stayed over Jackson's exit route so we had to plan a little detour :) we'll get more into that when I finally document his birth story! :)

I guess the biggest reason I didn't blog my pregnancy is because I had this"hold your breath" kind of feeling the entire time I was pregnant.  Instead of fully enjoying my pregnancy and dreaming of what this little guy inside of me would look like and be like,  I held back. Don't get me wrong,  there were plenty of times that I would sit and wonder but I also felt that if I didn't plan or dream as much as one "should" during pregnancy that if something happened, it would be eaiser to deal with if I didn't let myself become attached to what we had tried so hard for that was finally happening. 

So there ya go, now you know why I stopped!  And since that amazing day in February,  yes February but more on that later, life has just taken over!  A 6 month old.....I still can't believe it myself!

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